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Waterbag load test

We have broad selection of load testing equipment in the Philippines with flexible rental periods when you need it – with 24/7 availability!

Proofload Waterbags Water Bag rental in the Philippines


PROOFLOAD Waterbags are a safe and cost effective method to be used as load testing equipment. Although we utilise our own Proofload Waterbags, life boat test system(s), load cell(s), special slings and ancillary equipment in performing tests, we also rent out this equipment to approved third parties, involved in load testing. All Proofload equipment is type tested and certified, has CE conformity, and offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Proofload Water weights are available in sizes ranging from 1 up to 100 tons.
In combination with the use of spreaders, tests can be performed up to 1000 ton or more.

By using our  Waterbags, you will find that the testing costs are kept to a minimum. For example, all the equipment that is required to perform a 100 ton test can be easely transported by a pick-up truck.


Life Boat Bagslife boat bags

The Lifeboat Bag Test System has a capacity of 6.3 Metric Ton, and is a safe and easy to use system for load testing of Lifeboats. The system can also be used for the testing of Crew baskets, gangways or other lifting Equipment. The safety advantage of the system is that it eliminates the need of entering the Lifeboat Capsule during an overload test.

Tension Load Cellsload cells for rent in the Philippines

The original tension load cell has been serving the load testing and force or weight measurement industries since 1979.
DNV Type approval, ATEX/IECEx available as well as Bluetooth options!
These Load monitoring systems are available in telemetry/wireless (RLP), self-indicating (LLP) and cabled non-indicating (WLP) versions. Towcell a 25kN, wireless tension load cell specifically engineered for the emergency services, salvage and 4 x 4 industries.
Ruggedly built and highly accurate load link style load cell dynamometers allow for force and load monitoring across a broad range of industries and applications.