Chain Slings are one of the most hard-wearing and strong types of rigging available. It is not unusual to inspect chain slings that have been in service up to 40 years.

Lifting slings fabricated from chain offer riggers an upper hand over nylon web slings and polyester round slings:

  • Chain slings are more temperature tolerant, cut resistant.
  • Certain options allow chain rigging slings to be adjustable.

Chain is manufactured in different grades. Chain grades are a standard method for showing the breaking strength of a chain. Grade 30 is a general purpose economical chain used in agricultural applications, light construction and marine industry made from low carbon steel. Not used for overhead lifting. Grade 43 is a general purpose utility chain made from a higher carbon steel, it is mostly used in marine applications, trucking, container securement. Not to be used for overhead lifting. Grade 70 transport chain is made from a higher strength, heat-treated carbon steel that has a load rating approximately 20 percent higher than Grade 43, and it is perfect for load securement and tie down applications. Only grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain is approved for overhead lifting and they are made of high strength, heat treated alloy. Grade 100 has approximately 25 percent higher strength than Grade 80, and is mainly used in construction, manufacturing, and rigging applications.

Lifting Equipment Philippines offers a full range of assembled chain lifting slings meeting your needs. Check out our  China Sling spec sheet page and you can also find out how to order your chain sling.


Type CO

Type SOS

Type SOG

Type SSG

Type SSS

Type SOF



Single leg Chain Sling

Single leg chain sling

Two leg Chain Sling

Two leg Chain Sling

Three leg Chain Sling

Three leg Chain Sling

Four leg CFour leg Chain Sling

To check usage and maintenance of a Chain Sling click here, or read our blog and learn how to order your own chain sling assembly.