Lifting Equipment Philippines

We supply lifting equipment, wire ropes, marine ropes and all related lifting components. We have water bags and load cells for rent or supply with at technician for load testing


Chain Slings – Wire Rope Slings – Round Slings – Webbing slings


Wire Rope

Wire Grades – Rotation Resistant – Galvanized & Stainless Steel – Guy & Structural Strand – Marine Wire – High Performance Crane Rope

Synthetic Rope

Manila – Nylon – Polypropylene – Double Braid Polyester – Double Braid Nylon – Twine Nylon Twisted (White, Green, Brown) – Cordage


Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyamide mooring ropes



Galvanized – Stainless Steel –  High Test – Transport Chain – Overhead Lifting Chain, Long Link Lashing – Mid Link Chain – Overhead Lifting Chain – Grade 70.\

Mooring Chains

We have a large stocks of Marine and Offshore mooring chain including open and stud link in various grades and sizes.

Stocks includes kenters, swivels and chafe chains.



Ready Made – Customized – Standard Nylon – Polyester Round Slings – Chain Slings – Steel Wire Rope Slings – Various Single & Multi-Leg Slings – Terminations


Lever Load Binders (Forged Steel – Quenched & Tempered) – Tie Down Equipment – Ratchet Straps – Winch Strap Assemblies – Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hooks (Latched & Unlatched)



Shackles – Shackles – Hooks – Turnbuckles – Thimbles – Rigging Accessories – Blocks – Swivels – Swivel Hoist Rings


Inspection & repair_lifting equipment philippines

Inspection & Repairs

Ensuring that your equipment is operating correctly and safely should be a worry-free part of your business. Without inspections and maintenance, equipment failures can…

Equipment Rental_lifting equipment philippines

Equipment Rental

Lifting Equipment Philippines has a broad selection of waterbags and load cells available with or without an engineer

Equipment Testing_lifting equipment philippines

Equipment Testing

Lifting Equipment Philippines will help you to regulate and improve the safety of your securing, lifting or rigging devices to industry standards in static and dynamic settings. We can load test up to 300 tons

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